WRCC Vision 2018

“I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.” Matthew 16:18

In January, the leadership presented a plan to the congregation to help us grow and thrive as a church in this changing world. The first step was to evaluate where we are as a church and to seek clear direction from the Lord, so we can focus our efforts on the things that will have the biggest impact on the life and mission of WRCC. To do this, we used several tools such as the Natural Church Development survey, which assesses the spiritual health of the church based on the congregation’s experience, and several sources of information about the people who live in our community. At the annual meeting on May 20th, the leaders shared with everyone what we found:

First, we learned that WRCC has a number of strengths. In particular, the organization and leadership of the church are working well together, and that our home groups and many of our ministries are strong. But we also learned that we need to grow in some areas. Specifically, we are not experiencing joy in the Lord and the inspiration that come from encountering God as much as we should, especially in our worship services. We also learned that the people in our community are interested in church and need help and support in life, but they feel too busy for church and don’t know where to turn for the help and support they need. Everyone in leadership spent a lot of time discussing all of this in a lot of depth, praying, and asking God to lead us to the right direction as a church. After 5 months of praying and planning, we believe he has answered our prayers and given us the right direction for WRCC. Here it is:

Celebrating God’s presence in our lives, our church, and our relationships.

This is the direction that we believe God has given to us, the focus we believe is needed for the life and mission of WRCC. I’m happy to say, at the annual meeting, everyone agreed and affirmed this as our focus for the next year in the life of WRCC. Of course, that leads to the obvious question, how will we do this? We answered this question with 3 action goals that will direct our efforts.

For the leaders of WRCC to help everyone in the church recognize and celebrate God’s presence in their lives, and share it with people who need to see him too.

First, over the next 12-18 months the leaders of WRCC will be taking numerous small, practical steps to help everyone in the church recognize God’s presence, celebrate his work, and see all the opportunities we have to help other people see him too. This will happen through many individual conversations and practical steps the leaders will work through over time to help us all find more joy and see the power we have to help the people in our lives come to know Jesus.

To plan 2-3 outreach events that focus on building relationships and growing our faith.

Second, we will plan a few church-wide events that will focus on a dual purpose of growing our faith and building relationships. These will be opportunities for us to grow our faith, but also opportunities to invite people that we already know, to build deeper relationships with them, and to help them find exactly the kind of help and support they need in Jesus and his church.

To develop our worship services and music to help the church celebrate God’s presence across our differing generations.

Finally, we will begin planning, praying, and discussing with many people how our worship services can more effectively help us recognize and celebrate God’s presence together. This means we will be working to find ways the worship can serve our church as a whole, across our generations and differing preferences, so that we all connect to God and find the joy in him that we should.

This is the direction that we believe God has given us. We were excited to hear the congregation agree. Now we ask you to join with us as we all look a little more closely at our lives, our worship, and our relationships to see that God is already present and already working, and join with us as we celebrate him. After all, we are his people and his church, and he has promised to build us if we follow him.

In Christ,


Pastor TJ, on behalf of the Deacons, Trustees, and other Leaders of WRCC.