Weddings are a wonderful occasion in our lives and so we sometimes receive requests to host weddings at WRCC. If you’re interested in this, we want to explain a little about weddings at WRCC, what they mean, and how they work here, to help you get a sense of whether WRCC is the right fit for your wedding.

First, it’s important to realize that weddings at WRCC are a worship service. Marriage was created by God to be a covenant joining together a husband and wife in God’s sight who both come depending on God to work in them, bind them together, and carry them through both good times and bad. What this means is, at WRCC, we celebrate explicitly Christian, faith-focused weddings between two people who trust in Christ. For this reason, we normally reserve weddings for members of WRCC and people who are actively involved in the church. When this happens, it is more than two people committing to each other; it is a community of people coming together to celebrate God bringing two people together, their shared faith in Christ, and the promises of Jesus to work for their good.

Of course, we know that there are many other factors involved in wedding planning and that people may be interested in having their wedding at WRCC because of its location, because of historic connections or for other reasons. We believe that it’s incredibly important for us to put God’s love in action in many ways, so we consider all requests for weddings on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in the kind of faith-focused, Christian wedding we celebrate, here’s what we recommend:

  • First, come and worship with us! We encourage you to visit one of our Sunday worship services to see if the faith that we live out aligns with the faith you want to be a part of your marriage, and to see if our facility actually works for your needs.
  • Second, come and meet with Pastor Susan. She would be glad to talk with you about how faith in Christ can help you build a strong and lasting marriage, and how WRCC could be a part of that.
  • If you find that WRCC does seem like the right place for your wedding, you will need to fill out a wedding application and meet with Pastor Susan for a 4 session pre-marriage study on how to build a marriage around the love and grace of Christ.

If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact us here!