2018 Vision Lunch & Congregational Meeting

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord…  plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

God has a plan for WRCC. In January, we gathered together as a congregation to discuss his plan for us over the next year. If you weren’t able to join us, you missed a wonderful time hearing from the Lord and hearing the plan for the year that he has given us. We wanted to give you an overview of the vision and plan that God has given us for this year, and invite you to join us in following the Lord together.


Context of this vision – God has been faithful to WRCC for many years. He has given us a mission, to put his love in action and make disciples of the people around us, and we have seen this touch the lives of many people. However, the culture in which we live and minister is constantly changing. The methods of making disciples that worked in the past may no longer effective. To continue to thrive as a church and serve Jesus, we must refocus on the things that are most important and rethink how we follow Jesus and his mission.

To do this, we are focusing on three fundamental goals for this year:

  • Refocus on our spiritual health as a church.
  • Renew our sense of unity and direction as a church.
  • Reimagine how we reach out to the people around us to make disciples both as individuals and as a church

At the meeting, we all agreed together that these goals are from the Lord and that they will enable WRCC to thrive as we follow Jesus and his mission. To achieve these goals, we will work through three steps over the next year.

Step 1 – Refocus on spiritual health through the NCD Survey

February 1st through 14th we conduct a new Natural Church Development assessment. More than 40 people who are actively involved at WRCC  completed a questionnaire designed to organize the thoughts of the congregation on the current health of the church. The results of this will help us identify the areas where we need to focus our efforts and give us clear guidance on how to strengthen the areas where we have need.

Once we receive those results, the church leaders will meet together with a Pastor and consultant for NCD who will help us understand the results and think about next steps. We will then work to establish clear goals and an action plan which will be presented at the Annual Meeting in May.

Step 2 – Renew our sense of unity and direction through the Peacemakers Seminar.

We’ve all seen how divided the world has become. But it can be easy for us to forget that Jesus call us to be an exception to the divided nature of the world, to be one and to love each other (John 17). Doing this isn’t easy, however. To help us, we are hosting a Peacemakers Seminar.

On Saturday, March 10th, we will spend the day learning how to promote peace in our lives and our church. Our guest speaker, Pastor John Kimball, will help us understand how people naturally respond to conflict and how to apply God’s approach that brings healing and reconciliation. This event will be a great blessing to everyone who comes, and will help you experience more peace and unity in your lives. So please join us!

Breakfast and lunch will be provided and childcare will be available, so please sign up at church or contact the office to RSVP.

Step 3 – Reimagining how we reach out to make disciples.

As our culture has changed, people’s attitude toward church and faith have changed. We were able to see how significant this change really is through a survey that was conducted of people in Shoreham-Wading River. It found that the vast majority of people in our community attend worship no more than twice a year. But that same survey showed that the majority of people who don’t attend church would be willing if they found the two things they want most in a church: Biblical teaching that is relevant to their lives, and meaningful relationships.

So over the next year, we will working to find ways to reach out to people around us and connect them to the relevant teaching and meaningful relationships that can already be found at WRCC. The leaders will meet to research, pray and plan steps that we can take to reach out in ways that will lead people to know Jesus and join his church. Again, at the annual meeting in May, we will present our plans to the congregation and invite you to not only approve but join us in following the mission of Jesus to make disciples of the people around us.


This plan was unanimously supported by everyone at the meeting, and this is crucial because we realize, no matter how good the plan might be, it will only succeed if we are all in it together. So we invite you to pray for God to lead us, and join in his work at WRCC together.

*Note, this audio was edited for time and clarity. Several questions were asked and discussed but these discussions could not be heard clearly in the recording.