Each summer, Wading River Congregational Church provides a week of Vacation Bible School to our Community. We run our program Monday through Friday in the evenings to accommodate working parents. Each year our curriculum provides a daily bible point, supporting Bible verse and illustrative Bible story to support the message. Kids experience these lessons through high energy songs, games, hands on maker station like activities, participatory drama and short videos of kids around the world sharing stories of their lives consistent with the messages.

Our 2022 VBS was held during the third week of July. Our theme, “Monumental - Celebrating God’s Greatness” was perfectly timed and structured to remind all participants that in spite of the uncertainties in the world, God is still great, in charge and loving us no matter what.  During our 2022 event, we had over 30 kids between the ages of 2 and 17 join us.

We are thankful to our loyal volunteers who devote many hours to preparing for the week in varied ways. We are also thankful to the adults who volunteer their time during the week to engage with kids through activities. Our goal each year is to demonstrate God's love in action in ways that are engaging and fun for kids, but in doing so we see the lives of all involved changed in special ways. To God be the Glory for that!