The loss of a loved one can be devastating, but there’s help to be found. Join us for GriefShare.

GriefShare is a special weekly seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life. We know it hurts, and we want to help.

Each week we view a video seminar that provides real guidance on processing grief from trained counselors, pastors, and people just like you who have experienced the loss of a spouse, sibling, or child first-hand. Then we take to discus what we’ve learned and how it can, as well as resources to help throughout the week. This group will provide real help and guidance for finding hope in grief.

If you’re struggling with grief, whether due to a recent loss or something from your past, come and join us.  Each session is 13 weeks, but you are welcome to come at any point in the session for as many or as few as you are able. There’s no cost, just come and get help.

GriefShare sessions run throughout most of the year. To find the current schedule, please contact the church here, or call us at 631-929-8849.

*The next GriefShare session will begin Wednesday, September 11th at 4pm. Please check back or contact the church for more info.